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We are Lottie and Iris from the Netherlands. Eperienced meditation and yoga practisioners. Hawaii is a very special spiritual, heart opening, and grounding place on this planet called earth. During our retreats we will take you on a volcanic journey riding the soft wings of the Spirit of Aloha! 

Our intention is to bring the Spirit of Aloha to everyday life in Western society.

To reconnect ourselves with our inner being and knowing, our body’s, with our nature.

To become aware off the wisdom that lives inside of us. To recognise the wholeness that is already there.

To allow ourselves to feel and allow ourselves to heal. To love as one, to be happy and to be free!


Iris teaches hatha/yin/vinyasa/ kundalini and hot yoga. She has been practicing meditation for over 10 years and yoga since 8 years. In 2016 she made her passion her daily life and living and started teaching yoga. Iris loves to travel, be in nature and moved after living for 15 years in Amsterdam to Den Bosch.


Lottie teaches yin/hatha/vinyasa/kundalini yoga, works as an actress in theatre, loves to travel and be in nature. She has two chickens and two rabbits and she lives in a meditation village in Lelystad in the Netherlands.



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