Rainbow Warrior Retreat

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Theme: Rainbow Warrior

🌈 Aloha! We share the same breath, therefore we are one 🌈

Fall 2020 you’re invited to the Big Island of Hawaii. We will offer a week long experience you’ll remember forever. The Land of Rainbows radiates the beauty of all collors of the rainbow.  We all posses the wide spectrum of colorfull qualities of the rainbow. Tune in, tap into and align yourself through this colorfull and creative exploration with us. Together we’ll experience what it is to live with ‘The Spirit of Aloha’.

Next to our program the sound of tropical birds and cookie frogs, the salty pacific ocean air, the glow of the sun, the poetic culture and the amazing vulcanic landscape will support our proces.

We will stay on the amazing vulcanic Big Island of Hawaii. We will immerse ourselves in yoga, meditation, sharing circles, dream journey’s, a cacao- & fire ceremonies. And enjoy amazing plant based foods.


Date: October – November 2020

Price: 1888 euro

* Contact for Early Bird Pricing

Location: The Big Island of Hawaii


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