Spirit of Aloha Week Retreat: 18th – 25 september 2019

Theme: Pele Goddess of the Vulcano

🌋 Aloha! We share the same breath, therefore we are one 🌋


This fall week you will experience ‘ The Spirit of Aloha’. Expect the unexpected: a piece of Hawaii in Greece! Through connection with nature and living on a vulcanic Island the Hawaiians know how to connect with their own inner nature. Greece is the most vulcanic land in Europe. This makes Marathea the place to be to experience the ‘ Spirit of Aloha’.

Through yoga, meditation and healing circels we will connect with ourself again. Next to our program the smell of olive trees, the salty sea air, the warmth of the sun, the culture and the amazing landscape will help you to flourish.

We will stay on the beautiful vulcanic Island of Greece at Marathea. We will immerse ourselves in yoga, meditation, sharing circles, dream journey’s, a cacao- & fire ceremony and enjoy amazing plant based foods.

Dates: September 18th to September 25th

Price: 1100 euro, incl. flight!

Location: Marathea, Greece



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